11. Dreamin’


In light of this semester being devoted to creative nonfiction, I thought I’d try and write a piece dedicated to dreams. This piece came out of a couple of recent dreams I’ve had recently. Let me know what you think in the comments!

I’m dreaming. Dreaming of five years from now and a possibility of a life with you. Forest leaves crunching underfoot as I walk to you; ivory innocence. There’s something so pure about it all, floating like nymphs on our way to destiny. Never shall I feel safer than I do now, close enough to bathe in your eyes. Then the image moves to you watching me adoringly as I enter the room in a crimson qipao (旗袍). 红色 (hong se). How lucky.

Passions mixed with passion fill this dream of you and me. Materialising dreams, or fabricating reality?  I don’t care, because I’m getting carried away and don’t want to stop dreamin’.

It’s when I fall into my mind that I want to be blind from reality. For a moment I can dream up all of your positive traits and leave negativity on the back shelf with reality. It gives me a chance to let my dreaming spirit and sensory overload unite into one.

And then my dreams shift. They shift to a point further in time where you still play a part, yet you’re less visible in this newer work of art.

I see myself as a carer; a carer for the innocent. I love the littles in a similar manner to my feelings for you, yet different at the same time. They are one with me in spirit, allowing me to frolick and be in their games.

I still am in awe of you. I adore you and all that you inspire me to be.

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