13. Why so liberal?


Hello! It’s been a long week, so this will be a short post as it’s quite late (it’s currently midnight!)

I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself for going back to church this week and thoughts over the term liberal/”jack” Mormon have continually crossed my mind. I’m not necessarily a fan of labels but as a perfectionist, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever be more than a liberal Mormon?

One thing that stops me from moving forward in many aspects of life is a constant fear of not being good enough; something which pours through quite heavily into my faith. I’m quite content not being a 3-4 time per week church-goer as I love my non-religious friends, but at the same time I can’t help but feel I’m limiting my church experience by not opening myself up to this community more during my working week?

This also stems into my opinions of the world around me. I take the term “love thy neighbour” quite literally- whether you’re LGBT, raised by LGBT parents, disabled or somehow different, I don’t mind. We spend far too much time as humans looking down on the differences as opposed to maintaining this principle of loving one another for who they are.

In light of loving people as they are, this brings me to the idea of not altering our body away from the image that God created us in. Currently, I have 6mm flesh tunnels in my ears and 5 tattoos. These attributes all feel as if they are a part of my identity, particularly with my tattoos as they were all custom designs. Each decision regarding my tattoos was very personal, so to me, it’s more of an artistic choice than harm to the body.

I guess what I’m trying to express in all of this is that I don’t know where I fit in the generic church demographic and that’s ok. It matters more to me that I have a faith in something than where I physically practice that.

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