02. Song List October/November ’16

Music is a way of re-centering my world, as it can do for many. The ability to escape and to feel thanks to music, be it with or without lyrics, is something that I’ll forever appreciate; it fuels my creativity in the same way that food fuels the body. Once a month I’d like to present a few songs that I have liked in particular in the hopes that we can all broaden our tastes and potentially find something new to listen to!

Paul Izak

To start off, I want to talk about Paul Izak. Now I came across his music thanks to watching Mango Island Mamma’s videos for a long time and love the positive energy that exudes from her content; be it from her tonality, to the positive environment she surrounds her family with and even down to the choice of songs in her videos, it all allows me to be in a happier state of mind. I love how light hearted the music in her videos is, and decided to look further into Paul Izak’s discography after noticing that she used his songs in her videos on multiple occasions. One that stood out to me in particular was Ke Akua Aina, which to my understanding, and correct me if I’m wrong, means God (I’ve put the link below).
Ke Akua Aina, by Paul Izak
from the album Everlasting Light

One thing I’ve come to notice in listening to Paul Izak’s music is that the lyrics are distinctly simple and direct so that his messages can be easily spread, which as a listener is a thoroughly enjoyable aspect.
“The spirit of the land is preserved in righteousness”
“It’s in the seeds we plant, it’s in the words we chant”
Coming across music with this sort of uplifting spirit doesn’t come around anywhere near enough, so I treasure it greatly!


Another artist I want to mention is Kehlani. Now I’ll admit I didn’t know who she was until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but thanks to a few choreography videos and a playlist I can now say I’m hooked!
My favourite song of hers right now is Gangsta, which you can see in this choreography video below:

 It’s been a love of mine for years now seeing people create choreography from song inspiration and this certainly didn’t disappoint. In addition to this it’s a great way of expanding your musical repertoire and iPod song list!
What draws me to this song in particular is the key that it’s written in, as it makes it seem so sinister. It’s both dark, yet enticing; sultry while engaging curiosity.
When I discover new artists I can’t help but wonder what rock I was hiding under this time, even more so when they’ve been around for a while!


I’ve had this album neatly stored on my iPod for a few months now, but I finally took the time to listen to it this morning and it’s been a pleasant surprise! This is one of their recent albums entitled Melting. The variation between genres was a pleasant surprise in that Mamamoo are known primarily for their ballads and medley renditions (see Yu Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook for example), but to have a hip-hop track as the first song was a game changer in my eyes!
I hope that you get a chance to listen to some of these musicians so we can chat about it together!

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