23. Why I Still Read Teen Literature

Teen literature


I am currently 22 years and 7 months old. Yes, I am that specific. But in spite of that, I still enjoy reading teen/ young adult fiction over the traditional ‘adult’ literature.

Why should you read teen/ young adult literature?

The connection and relatability to issues brought up in the stories is personally that much stronger in literature aimed at my age group or younger. Below are a few aspects of teen/ young adult literature which are reasons why you should consider reading it more:

  • The Ability To Balance Life and Academia: As I’m still in education (and university doesn’t feel that different to secondary school), I relate to the plights of characters navigating education. The balance between academics and a social/ romantic life is another aspect of teen/ young adult literature that I recognise with. While this is also covered in the work/social balance covered in adult literature, I feel that this is discussed in a more mature point of life than where I’m currently at.
  • The Ability To Discuss Culturally Relevant Topics: This isn’t to say that relevant issues are not discussed; saying that would be preposterous! But looking at issues directly relatable to young adults and teens? That’s a much more niche target audience, making it potentially less marketable yet still so important. Topics I’ve come across in my reading and trawling of Amazon for teen/ young adult literature include:
    • Social media use and its impacts
    • Mass shootings in schools
    • LGBT awareness
    • Sickness and health

Undoubtedly there are probably many more topics here that I haven’t listed, but these are just a few that I have personally come across.

  • The Choice of Perspective Used: When it comes to reading I think we all have a favourite ‘person’ that we like to read in. In my case, I love literature that is written in the first person, as I want to be personally involved in the story. I like being deep in the protagonist’s mind, as this means I can imagine the scenarios playing out in much greater depth than what I may be capable of in the third person.
  • The Opportunity To Gradually Transition Into Adult Literature: For me, this is the most important aspect of literature. There’s a rush during childhood to grow up, but I don’t think that’s necessary for reading; learning is an individual adventure after all. I’m grateful for the opportunity to slowly ease my way into growing up, as despite my age I still don’t feel like an adult (although this could be because I get asked for ID ALL THE TIME -_-), and I think that it’s okay to reach that stage in learning and in your personal life at your own pace.

Recommended Teen/ Young Adult Literature


Below is a current series of books written by UK YouTuber Zoella (as seen in this handy picture above) which to my knowledge were aimed at a teen audience. Covering the recent popularity of blogging and vlogging, along with the focus on creative expression greatly appealed to me as a reader in that it brought back the nostalgia of who I was as a teen. In fact, I felt quite similarly placed in life to the protagonist Penny, especially with her gradual discovery of her identity. I’m still learning who I am both as a person and as a writer, and through this book it made it seem acceptable to not have all of the answers just yet.

Another author that I’d recommend for teen/ young adult literature is Rainbow Rowell. It’s thanks to her books that I even re-applied to start university for the second time back in 2015 after a mental health break, and I truly loved reading Fangirl enough to want to re-read it.

Is it nostalgia that’s keeping me in this target age group of literature? Maybe. One thing’s for sure; I’m not ready to fully tackle ‘adult’ literature just yet!

P.S. Do you have any teen/ young adult literature that you’d recommend for me to read?

11. Dreamin’

In light of this semester being devoted to creative nonfiction, I thought I’d try and write a piece dedicated to dreams. This piece came out of a couple of recent dreams I’ve had recently. Let me know what you think in the comments!

I’m dreaming. Dreaming of five years from now and a possibility of a life with you. Forest leaves crunching underfoot as I walk to you; ivory innocence. There’s something so pure about it all, floating like nymphs on our way to destiny. Never shall I feel safer than I do now, close enough to bathe in your eyes. Then the image moves to you watching me adoringly as I enter the room in a crimson qipao (旗袍). 红色 (hong se). How lucky.

Passions mixed with passion fill this dream of you and me. Materialising dreams, or fabricating reality?  I don’t care, because I’m getting carried away and don’t want to stop dreamin’.

It’s when I fall into my mind that I want to be blind from reality. For a moment I can dream up all of your positive traits and leave negativity on the back shelf with reality. It gives me a chance to let my dreaming spirit and sensory overload unite into one.

And then my dreams shift. They shift to a point further in time where you still play a part, yet you’re less visible in this newer work of art.

I see myself as a carer; a carer for the innocent. I love the littles in a similar manner to my feelings for you, yet different at the same time. They are one with me in spirit, allowing me to frolick and be in their games.

I still am in awe of you. I adore you and all that you inspire me to be.

10. A New Beginning

10. 10 Out of 10 by 2 PM is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the number 10. That and an upcoming deadline (eek!) I’m quite pleased that I’ve managed to make it to ten posts without giving up (a first for me). Perhaps there really is a motivating factor out of purchasing a domain!

As it’s January, we associate this time of year with change and new beginnings in particular. For me, new beginnings tends to also involve completion of any projects from last year that have rolled over. This brings me to my next idea mentioned below!

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