27.  Update and the Opening of Fruity Lanes


Another quick update on what’s been going on as of late, as I suck at keeping to a schedule!

Fruity Lanes


I’ve just about got down to keeping up with writing one post a week, although finding a set day is something I’m yet to settle on! My main goal in finding one day per week to post is that I’ll be going into my final year of university in a matter of weeks, and I want to stay on top of everything while I’m aware of my need to master time management. Moreover, as a university club president, a perfectionist and girlfriend I want to have my time split down well enough that nothing gets abandoned or overlooked. To some work would also fit into that equation, but I just don’t feel that adding that to the mix would be intelligent when putting my mental health into the spectrum. I can’t recall if I’ve discussed it much before (although I probably should), but I have depression with psychotic features. This means that as my depression worsens or relapses, something which does happen as I’m easily stressed out, I begin to experience psychosis in the form of hallucinations. While I’m comfortable enough with discussing my mental health, creating a lifestyle that compliments and supports me to not continually fall back into a depression is something I’m still very much working on.

Looking Forward…

I’d like to have a set schedule as my ultimate goal for Sea Banana, as at no point do I want to run myself into the ground. I love blogging, but I need to be able to enjoy it if I want to keep doing it. Now that I think about it, just having some structure in my life as a whole would be nice! Currently I go from no focus and ambling along to hyper focus on one thing, which can be damaging when you have so many other things that also need attention! I’d also like to get into a position where I can reduce my medication slightly or at least be able to schedule in some therapy. I’ve had CBT before (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), but that was when I was at my worst so I didn’t really feel any benefits? It’s been two years since then and I’m in a much better head space now, so I think that I could work on finding better coping strategies so that I don’t keep having prolonged ‘down’ periods.

Do you have any blog posts on organising, time management or planning that you recommend?

The Opening of Fruity Lanes

Now this is the most exciting news of all! I’ve been watching videos online in a moment of soul searching and thinking about what I want to do with my life beyond university, which made me realise that:

  1. I don’t want to be working in a mundane job that sacrifices time from my craft.
  2. I’d be much happier working for myself if possible/being self employed in some way!
  3. I’ve wanted an online business for the last year and should jump at the opportunity.

This lead to the creation of Fruity Lanes. Stationery, crafts and home decor are my favourite items to purchase both practically and aesthetically, so to be able to source out products and bring them to you at an affordable rate would be a dream come true for me. The website will be live in just under 2 weeks, and I’m really hoping you will love the products as much as I do!

That’s all for now, see you in the next post!

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